1. Good news! Welion new energy was selected as the

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                              Recently, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of economic and information technology announced the second batch of special small and giant enterprises list in Beijing in 2021. The Beijing Welion Amperex Technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Welion new energy") has become a special new small giant enterprise in Beijing by virtue of its advanced technology and continuous innovation ability in the field of solid battery.



                              "Specialization and innovation"

                              It refers to small and medium-sized enterprises with specialization, refinement, characteristics and outstanding innovation ability, "little giant" is the leader. Small and medium-sized enterprises are an important foundation of the real economy. Promoting the development of "specialization and innovation" of small and medium-sized enterprises is not only the need to speed up the quality improvement of the digital economy, but also the requirement to continuously enhance the development vitality of the real economy and cultivate new driving forces.

                              The review comprehensively investigates the indicators of the declared enterprise in terms of economic benefits, degree of specialization, innovation ability and operation and management, and requires the enterprise to be among the best in the market segment, represent the cutting-edge innovation ability in the industry and master the key core technologies in the field.

                              The selection of Beijing specialized special new "little giant" enterprise this time confirms that Welion new energy has won great recognition in the industry with its excellent product technology. In the future, the company will continue to practice its original intention, give full play to the advantages of independent innovation, further promote the development and industrialization of high-energy and high-power intrinsically safe solid-state batteries, and contribute its nuclear "core" strength to strengthening the country with science and technology and enriching the people.

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